Thursday, May 2, 2013

just for the fun of it

Hi folks.  No card today.  Spent the entire day yesterday hiking the hills and valleys here in the 'hood as part of the local May Day celebration.  And did I mention drinking a bit of wine?!?!?

Now I don't usually send you off to other websites, but we've all been nagging about the weather lately and there is another way to see this thing.  Like, the glass half full instead of half empty... Well this lady has the coolest ideas and this one could be a great technique for cardmakers.  Or cardmakers who feel guilty about not spending enough time with their kids?!?!  (and I just plain love me a good technique).

Let's hear it for rainy days!!!


Geri said...

Well your 'hood' must be somethin' else!! Sounds like a great day! Fun ideas on the site...thanks for sharing!

Darnell said...

Cool website, Maria! Thanks for sharing another optimistic outlook and spreading the LITS message!!

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