Friday, May 10, 2024

STB - january 15 2024

More of January 2024 in my STB memory planner. And more of that fun alpha stamp. I may have been influenced by the Lions to choose Honolulu blue ink this week ;)

Best thing about this week was getting snow in our 'hood. And going to see a high school production of Frozen with snow actually still on the ground. That doesn't happen often around here.

Since this week was the last spread in this planner notebook I even included additional photos of snow around the 'hood on the last page. You may recall I deconstructed/reconstructed my notebooks a while back. Thus the "last page". And the PP pocket for extras on the back flap.


Thursday, May 9, 2024

STB - january 8 2024

Continuing into January 2024 in my STB memory planner. A very smorgasbord (remember that word?) week. I love how the alpha stamp fits the haphazardness of the week.

Rounded corners on the photos. Lots of handwriting. Some stickers. Some doodles. Fun.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

STB - january 1 2024

Starting out my 2024 STB memory planner in true Maria fashion. Lotsa photos. How to house 'em?

We got to enjoy an unexpected week getaway in Bavaria. For this load of photos I concocted a multi-sided flip out (or whatever it's called). Another engineering feat figuring out what to adhere in what order! My brain doesn't do 3D thinking well at all.

BUT, it loves designing with stash. Alpha stamps. Circles. Stickers. Heidi Swapp STB goodies. That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 

In case you're wondering about that photo on the right? Sunday was a take-it-easy day. As in, that's a bath bomb dissolving ;)


Sunday, April 28, 2024

STB december 25 2023

Bye bye 2023 in my STB memory planner. It's a wrap! And oh what fun it is to flip back through all those pages and revisit the year!

Since we got to enjoy an unexpected getaway for a week after Christmas, this became a photo heavy spread. So I used my engineering talents (ha!) to create an accordion fold out to house them. I used a map of the area of Bavaria where we vacationed to do it. Otherwise, I kept my layout very grid-y.

Alpha stamps. Heidi Swapp STB goodies. Doodling. And lots of photos in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. What a way to finish up the year. Makes me very happy.


Saturday, April 27, 2024

STB - december 18 2023

Finally we're nearing the end of my 2023 STB memory planner!

Christmas week. I know some of you manage to document the entire December. Daily. I'm happy just to have made it this far. 

Do you ever use mix and match letters in your spreads? I pulled out my box of off-cut alphas and numbers and put them to use here.

I love using up stash when working on my Heidi Swapp memory planner preserving memories 
Alpha die cuts. And alpha stamps. And stickers. And washi!


Friday, April 26, 2024

STB - december 11 2023

December continues in my 2023 STB memory planner. 

This was a strange holiday season. Hubby's recovery from his back surgery took center stage so we didn't do a lot of what we'd normally do. Which was OK. But strange.

Still made neighbor gifts with DD (chocolate covered pretzels - they went over well!). But DS was saddled with the task of cutting our Christmas tree. That was a first. And the best part - we all survived :) 

Loved using Heidi Swapp's STB Christmas supplied in my memory planner.  And as always alpha stamps. And stickers.


Thursday, April 25, 2024

STB - december 4 2023

We've reached December in my 2023 STB memory planner. woot woot!

Got the snow I'd been hoping for. A quiet week. Hubby home after his OP and incision care began. Unfortunately another uncle passed away. #lungcancersucks And we really didn't do much. But it was kind of fun having space on my page to fill with random stamping for a change. As a lover of white space, I really don't have a lot of it in my pages ;)  Notice how I went totally grid-y on this spread? It's a great method.

Using up more stash on my Heidi Swapp memory planner.  Alpha stamps. Number stickers. Washi. And Heidi's fun stamps. 

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