Friday, May 31, 2024

STB - march 4 2024

It's March 2024 in my STB memory planner. And we are in northern Italy with lots of snow and blue sky.

Love this B/W color scheme with the pops of blue sky. 

How about hiding all the photos behind those giant flaps? And just including the fave photos of the week on the front of the flap. I love this idea. Also housing some real memorabilia in there too. Always helpful when those questions of when? where? how much? come up later on.

Keeping it all preserved in my Heidi Swapp planner.


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

STB - february 26 2024

Wrapping up February 2024 in my STB memory planner. 

Love this color scheme even with the pops of blue sky. Also love vellum for toning things down a little.

This was a week around the hood which ended with us on the road to our week long vacation in northern Italy. In other words, photo heavy ;)

I've got PP sleeves. And HS STB stash and printables. And touches of washi. And labels. And die cuts. And actual memorabilia. All those little things. Such fun with my Heidi Swapp planner.


Saturday, May 25, 2024

STB february 2024 in a nutshell

I used the month-at-a-glance in my 2024 STB memory planner for the first time. 

I know people use them like a calendar. I decided to do a glance back at the end of the month and do a month-in-a-nutshell. Just having fun with all the things that somehow stuck out to me as having been important in that month. What a fun exercise that is.

However... note to self... don't use wet glue to adhere vellum!

May I introduce February-in-a-nutshell.


Friday, May 24, 2024

STB - february 19 2024

So there ain't nothin' pastel or quiet about this week's spread in my STB memory planner. And Barbie is to blame. We watched the movie this week. With flowers and cocktails to match of course.

My favorite Crayola color in the 64 box was Magenta (and Periwinkle). So I was extremely happy to have an excuse to pull out a pack of journal cards I have and put them to use here in this Barbie spread. Can you believe that card allowed me to doctor it up to read "today is the best day ever?" Like they always greeted the day in Barbieworld! 

Of course I had to include all the "Hi Barbie" too ;)

The sleeve holds photos of STB spreads. I was cranking them out.

And I forced myself to write down things I need to make happen. Let's just looking back right now, I'm shooting about 50/50.

Journal cards. Stickers. Stamps. Washi.That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

STB - february 12 2024

Remember a couple posts ago I said I can't seem to keep myself in line when it comes to pastels? This is what I mean.

Even with the rosy beige leading the way, I got all kinds of colors in there with it!

And remember how I said I liked that other spread, maybe because you really don't see the photos? Well, not much tucked away here. Pretty much all in your face. 

I used stamped hearts to make the page seem coordinated. And boy did I hit up my old stash. Paper. Stickers. Stamps. That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 

A busy spread for sure. But the memories come back instantly when I see it all staring me in the face.


Monday, May 20, 2024

STB - february 5 2024

Into February of 2024 in my STB memory planner. 

More NFL memories (Superbowl). And Mardi Gras events. 

Anyone recognize those little houses? A super oldie, but goodie Papertrey Ink die. Still love it and was thrilled to use up those die cuts that had been laying around.

Fun alpha stamps for titles. Fun (ancient) label stamps for journaling areas. And touches of washi. Cuz #washiisalwaysagoodidea. Still loving my Heidi Swapp planner.


Sunday, May 19, 2024

STB - january 29 2024

I can't seem to keep myself in line when it comes to pastels. I always tend to go for color.

But I really love this week's spread in my STB memory planner as I head into February 2024. Maybe it's cuz you really don't see the photos. I've printed them smaller and tucked them all away in little sleeves. Allows for more "prettiness." And I kept myself in line with the pastel color theme ;)

In addition to more Lions memories I had some nice time socializing with different friends. And being crafty too. That always makes for a nice week! 

So I played with stash. Alpha stamps. Dies. Stickers. Heidi Swapp papers. Washi. Stickers. That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 

What do you think about the "absence" of photos???

Saturday, May 18, 2024

STB - january 22 2024

January 2024 continues in my fresh, new STB memory planner. 

Love this color scheme - that eucalyptus green is so soothing. Those little cutie lions - not normally my aesthetic but hey this week was again heavy with Detroit Lions memories. And Mardi Gras events. Had the most amazing weather for a Stadionsitzung.

Liking the gold die cuts from a Project Life kit I picked up at a thrift store. And touches of washi. And labels. All those little things. Still enjoying this process with my Heidi Swapp planner.


Friday, May 10, 2024

STB - january 15 2024

More of January 2024 in my STB memory planner. And more of that fun alpha stamp. I may have been influenced by the Lions to choose Honolulu blue ink this week ;)

Best thing about this week was getting snow in our 'hood. And going to see a high school production of Frozen with snow actually still on the ground. That doesn't happen often around here.

Since this week was the last spread in this planner notebook I even included additional photos of snow around the 'hood on the last page. You may recall I deconstructed/reconstructed my notebooks a while back. Thus the "last page". And the PP pocket for extras on the back flap.


Thursday, May 9, 2024

STB - january 8 2024

Continuing into January 2024 in my STB memory planner. A very smorgasbord (remember that word?) week. I love how the alpha stamp fits the haphazardness of the week.

Rounded corners on the photos. Lots of handwriting. Some stickers. Some doodles. Fun.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

STB - january 1 2024

Starting out my 2024 STB memory planner in true Maria fashion. Lotsa photos. How to house 'em?

We got to enjoy an unexpected week getaway in Bavaria. For this load of photos I concocted a multi-sided flip out (or whatever it's called). Another engineering feat figuring out what to adhere in what order! My brain doesn't do 3D thinking well at all.

BUT, it loves designing with stash. Alpha stamps. Circles. Stickers. Heidi Swapp STB goodies. That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 

In case you're wondering about that photo on the right? Sunday was a take-it-easy day. As in, that's a bath bomb dissolving ;)


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