Saturday, November 2, 2013

black friday (WPlus9)

No not the shopping kind.  But the it's-a-sad-day-for-paper-crafters kind of black.  Have you seen this post?

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Well a card for the WPlus9 Mood Board #22 was on my to do list and it immediately turned into a card for Cath.  Although I'm still in the denial mode, I'm beginning to get to the thankful-for-what-you-had state.

For me personally, Cath was one of the greatest teachers I've ever had.  Not that she set out to, but she taught by presenting the material and then challenging me to use it.  She led by finding and sharing the best of what's out there in this big, beautiful world. She demanded but honored a job well done. She delivered only high quality (did you ever see a typo in a post?!?) and was always one step ahead of the class.

Ha. Class.  Didn't you feel, when you stopped over there in the morning, like you were socializing with classmates when you read comments from fellow paper crafters?

Man, I'm gonna miss that lady.  But I wouldn't be where I am today in this wonderful adventure without her. And for that I'm extremely grateful.

Cath, you bring (brought... sniff, sniff) me joy.

Just saw that PC has a link up for cards to share with Cath.  With a touch of ambivalence, I will hook up.

Supplies you bring me joy:
Paper: CS Neenah, vellum Ursus, PP Pink Petticoat
Stamps: sentiment WPlus9
Ink:  StazOn
Tools: clouds and bird die WPlus9, tag die MFT, embossing folder Craft Concepts
Other: recycled fabric, fabric washi, raffia, acrylic paint


  1. Beautifully written, Maria, you echo so many of my own thoughts. What a lovely tribute to Cath, and your card is, too! Great take on the challenge photo!

  2. Your card is so beautiful... and yes I couldn't say it better ( about Cath )
    Thanks for inspiring me with your visits and comment... it means a lot to me!

  3. TFS this story...nice post on Cath and I am sure she will love your card and specially the feeling behind it...

  4. You've said it so well, Maria! Cath was such a delightful motivator and always so positive and encouraging. She definitely brought joy to all of us who followed her blog. What a beautiful card with lots of meaning for our Cath!

  5. Beautiful...wonderful post, too...I am sure she will love it!!

  6. You have said what so many of us are thinking/feeling in a lovely way Maria. Love the card & clever lace tree & perfect sentiment.

  7. Beautifully written, Maria! I'm sure plenty more of us feel just the same, what a blessing Cath was in all these years :) I love how unique your card is, from embossing with dies to using haberdashery pieces. Genius, so pretty and full of love. And dare I say, great minds think alike, lol!

  8. Wonderful post, Maria! I think you've captured what many of us feel both in your card and your post.

  9. Maria, what a DARLING card!
    FABULOUS post!

  10. Yes lovely post! I am feeling totally bereft and have completely lost my mojo since I read the post! Cath is one amazing lady! Thanks for the heads up about PC cards for Cath.
    Now as for your card, it is so beautiful and unice - just love that lace tree and the twiggy bird nest and the stitched on sentiment!

  11. Beautiful words, Maria! And a beautiful card. :-)

  12. You said it well, Maria. I do feel the same way.

    Your card is just amazing...I am lacking for another word to sum it up. The lace, the texture, the soft colors, and the amazing.

  13. I too read the comments... can you just see a bunch of crying girls in the junior high bathrooms, "did you hear????" glad we've got a virtual chat room.

  14. Oh this is such a wonderful post! Your card? GORGEOUS

  15. Your post is lovely, Maria! Your card is a beautiful tribute to our Moxie Fabulous, Cath!

  16. I totally echo your thoughts, Maria! Your card is so fabulous and artistic! I know this post will make Cath smile! Wunder scheon (wie immer), meine Freundin!

  17. I agree Maria~it IS a sad day for paper crafters. Such a lovely tribute to a classy lady~in words and art.

  18. This is a beautiful card-and lovely words for a wonderful lady.

  19. My dear Maria,
    This is an absolutely gorgeous card, something I have come to expect from you over the years. :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it with me in mind.

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by your words. I had *no idea* that my little ol' blog was such a force in your creative life, and I am *so honored* to know that it came to mean as much to you as it did. I know that my decision to move on has been very difficult for you and the rest of the Moxie Fabbers, and I am very, very sorry for that. But as I said in my blog post, I'm not going away completely, and I will always be your friend. Thank you, thank you, for helping to make my life so incredibly rich. I have *loved* getting to know you and watching your paper crafty skills evolve, and so appreciate the love and support you have shown me and the Moxie Fab World over the years.

    All my love to you, my moxie fab friend,

  20. Beautiful card Maria & beautiful words. Cath will be missed by many. Hugs Bev x


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