Wednesday, May 1, 2024

STB - january 1 2024

Starting out my 2024 STB memory planner in true Maria fashion. Lotsa photos. How to house 'em?

We got to enjoy an unexpected week getaway in Bavaria. For this load of photos I concocted a multi-sided flip out (or whatever it's called). Another engineering feat figuring out what to adhere in what order! My brain doesn't do 3D thinking well at all.

BUT, it loves designing with stash. Alpha stamps. Circles. Stickers. Heidi Swapp STB goodies. That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 

In case you're wondering about that photo on the right? Sunday was a take-it-easy day. As in, that's a bath bomb dissolving ;)


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