Friday, May 24, 2024

STB - february 19 2024

So there ain't nothin' pastel or quiet about this week's spread in my STB memory planner. And Barbie is to blame. We watched the movie this week. With flowers and cocktails to match of course.

My favorite Crayola color in the 64 box was Magenta (and Periwinkle). So I was extremely happy to have an excuse to pull out a pack of journal cards I have and put them to use here in this Barbie spread. Can you believe that card allowed me to doctor it up to read "today is the best day ever?" Like they always greeted the day in Barbieworld! 

Of course I had to include all the "Hi Barbie" too ;)

The sleeve holds photos of STB spreads. I was cranking them out.

And I forced myself to write down things I need to make happen. Let's just looking back right now, I'm shooting about 50/50.

Journal cards. Stickers. Stamps. Washi.That's what's in my Heidi Swapp STB memory planner this week. 


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