Sunday, September 1, 2013

50 + 50 + a pup (Curtain Call)

Well we've not got a wee one (species:  Havanese) around the house.  DD is doing a fabulous job with her (that was DD and DP (dear pup) first hour of bonding yesterday) but when I have duty I get absolutely nothing done.  Sit on the floor playing with her or follow her around the house trying to decide if she's looking for a place to do her business or just doing normal sniffing. Then whisking her out to the yard.  I'm not very good at this.  DD had night duty last night but I'm on for school nights so wish me (us) luck!

I did take a few minutes yesterday to make a card for our friends who had a 50 + 50 = 100 party last night.  Here it is.

The sentiment reads "what a beautiful day".  Thought it appropriate since neither of their birthdays was actually yesterday!

These are smaller number stamps so I decided to "stretch" them for my design by stamping them on the black CS and PP and after splitting them, covering the split with the sentiment strip.  This required more spatial thinking than my brain can handle. Card's outta da house so I can't go have a look, but those zeros look pretty darn wonky in this photo?!?!?  I think it may be more proof that I need to get me a Stamp-a-ma-jig... 

I'm playing at Curtain Call this week, not that my card has anything to do with "Back to School" but check out this inspiration photo and I think you'll know why:

May be awhile before I create a card again.  DP's not allowed in the basement so that's gonna keep ME out of my laundry room.  At least for crafting purposes!  For those of you following the story of the rabbits I have good news.  With DP's arrival we had no choice but to move them out of the house and into the yard in their stall and they're doing fine.  Even saw them laying quietly TOGETHER in one of their little houses today! Yippie!

Supplies for was für ein schöner tag:
Paper: CS and PP Bringmann
Stamps:  numbers WeRMemory, sentiment Inkystamp
Ink : Versamark, Versaine
Other: embossing powder, bling


  1. I love how you were inspired - it's a perfect card for 50 + 50!! Normally I would say that nothing should keep you from crafting - but that sweet puppy might be worth it! Thank you for playing along with Curtain Call!

  2. Oh, yippee is right, Maria!! Your card is fab! I think it's just the camera distortion that is causing any wonkiness. Your cards are NEVER wonky!! TFS the adorable photo of DD and DP (but, please we'll know the name, won't we?) and the happy news that the bunnies are (phew) now besties!! Even if you can't craft (frownie face), do post the occasional pup photo so we can share that yummy smoochie face!!

  3. What a fun card. I love those numbers, and can totally see the inspiration. Funny to read about you and your puppy. We adopted a puppy exactly 2 weeks ago, and I haven't crafted much since. I can totally relate when you are trying to figure out what is normal sniffing and what signals a need to wisk the guy outside to do his 'doggie business' That is me now too.

  4. Great idea for a joint birthday celebration card! Good luck with training DP. On the plus side, they get the hang of it quicker than toddlers!

  5. Great card, Maria! And gorgeous puppy (and daughter)! I remember chasing my puppy checking what type of sniffing she was doing, LOL! Lucky for me, my puppy learned quickly. I hope yours does too! :-)

  6. Maria, my Sam is a Havanese!! He is 8 and they are truly the most incredible and wonderful breed! How exciting to have a new puppy! Puppies catch on pretty quick, just be ready in the meantime!! On to your card, I love this and love how you were inspired by the Curtain Call photo! What a fantastic celebration.

  7. ...and thank you so much for sharing with us for the Curtain Call Back to School challenge.

  8. aww...a new puppy!! How sweet!
    Love your card Maria, just the right amount of everything, as always ;-)

  9. This is awesome. I love how the curtain call photo inspired you in non-school way. Good luck with your new puppy. So sweet, but so much work, too. :) I'm sure it will all be worth it, though.

  10. what a cutie! congratulations on the sweet addition. take lots of deep breaths :)
    -Rachel w k

  11. I love this design Maria :) The sentiment label over the large scale number is just brilliant design and it's still obvious that it's '100'. Enjoy DP, they grow SOOO fast! I've been blessed to many doggies loves in my life and I'm better for it...miss 'em each one :)

  12. Never heard of a 50+50're always surprising me!!!;) Love the card...striking...and love that you stretched you numbers to make them work...never would have known, but I did wonder where you got such large ones!;)

  13. Congrats on your new pup and it sounds like DD is taking her role as puppy minder seriously! :D I remember lots of loooong nights with my pups but it's worth it in the long run. :)

    Loving your classy card and the clever idea of stretching the numbers - must try that!


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