Wednesday, July 2, 2014

say cheese, darnell (SSS)

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So can you believe my luck? I was just passing by the playhouse when I heard these funny noises coming from within. Turns out Ms. Darnell of DJKardkreations was inside having a nap. Plum tuckered out she was from all the hopping around she and hammy had to do during her smashing-success-of-a-NBUS-challenge last month.

Well, I posted myself in the hydrangea bushes next to the patio, fighting off Hitler to claim the best lookout spot, and waited with my camera to catch a shot of the birthday girl when she awoke to the wafting aromas of coffee and ice cream and birthday cake frosting. Or giggles from the grandtwinks. Or wet doggie kisses from the granddog. Or cuz hammy had to pee.

Are you ready? Here she is in the midst of her beautiful flower garden...

Ms. Darnell ...(don't those words automatically bring one huge smile to your face, BTW?)... it's your birthday and you deserve one ginormous party attended by a gazillion of your blogland friends. I hope you enjoy your day and your new year. And thank you so very much for bringing joy to our days. Big hugs to you my dear friend.

Now get hopping. There's a linky party over at Ardyth's place where you can virtually deliver your card to Darnell. Let's make her day as great as she makes ours! I'm not a wagering woman (considering the win of the guy who bet on Suarez biting another player in the World Cup, maybe I should be) but I bet this will be one of the biggest linky party's blogland's ever seen ;)

Oh, and speaking of incredible odds... linking up to the Anything Goes challenge at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge ;)

Supplies for enjoy your day:
Paper:  CS Bringmann
Stamps: image Prima, bow TAWS, sentiment PTI
Ink : Distress inks, Memento
Tools: corner rounder EKS
Other: waterbrush, ribbon, watered down gold paint


  1. Loved this post Maria! You've gone and reminded us all of things we delight in about our dear friend Miss D! And how you've managed to capture her essence in your card!!!! She's going to cry when she sees it, I just know it! What a happy day for all of us to help her celebrate her special happy day. So happy you partied with us! Bev

  2. Awwww how beautifully written post and beautifully made card, Darnell will start blushing to see herself surrounded by butterflies :) I love ur cute card

  3. sweet! And I just love your post! ;)

  4. Yes!!! so sweet... just as our friend ms D!
    Great job Maria!

  5. Maria what a perfect card for Darnell and I love all you had to say about our sweet friend!

  6. Maria, this is adorable! Love the purple and all the kind words about Darnell. Yes , I say she is my smile with coffee in my dark o clock wake ups.

  7. Hilarious blog post - Darnell will get quite a few chuckles out of this one - and oh such a sweet card!

  8. Such a sweet post!! I love the tribut to our dear friend! She is going to love this beautiful card!!


  9. Brave you to go head-to-head with Hitler The Hummer! But it was worth it cos you got a fabulous shot of the birthday girl!

  10. Great post! Love it! Darnell is going to love your beautiful card.

  11. You are so sweet...what a wonderful card for such a wonderful lady!

  12. So pretty! That girl is just so adorable and I love how you used purple (always a tough one for me!)

  13. Cute card...and a very well wrtten get an A+ from me and I bet from Darnell too!

  14. I'm finally here, Maria! Sorry, I didn't come by sooner but once you left more company came and then when they left, I had to start making food for the bbq tomorrow for the 4th of July! Wasn't it great I got that nap in? Thank you so much for patiently waiting for me to wake up and not even minding that Hitler was peeing on your head! You're the BEST!!

    Thank you for this gorgeous photo of me, too! I look positively young which is like magic or something! I didn't even see those butterflies flying in a circle around me, but I had just woke up, so it's awesome you captured them, too!! Maybe you should be a photographer?!

    You went above and beyond with this terrific post, my little friend! Me and Hammy are truly fat-headed and all teared up and overwhelmed by your kind effusions!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Mwah! Darnell

  15. Well, lying in wait for that photo opportunity was so worthwhile, Maria ... you took a great picture of the delicious Ms Darnell ... isn't she just so photogenic? Great post for a star of our world! Anita :)


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