Monday, July 14, 2014

i'm pooped... but i've got a winner!

Catchy title, eh?

Wow, what a whirlwind the past few days have been.  Piggy-backed submission calls . A week of STAMPlorations exploration. And did ya see who won the World Cup?! Woooohooooo! I think I have to sleep for about a week to make up for time spent in front of the TV when I should have been sleeping over the past month.

And wasn't it spiffy of FIFA to schedule the final game for the eve of DS's 18th birthday? And then for his "boss" at his work experience to give him his birthday off? Can you say non-stop party?! And he's now legal for hard alcohol.  And he can now drive the car alone. Which he's doing as we speak - picking up his license. Oh my nerves!

The birthday boy/girl always gets balloons and streamers over our dining table, but I had another idea for DS this year. This is the tree on our front lawn. Theme: drinking. And driving. But not together of course.

So the invitations for our "161" party are all out and of course I needed a few more. Seven to be exact. But may I confess I was plum-tuckered out on the invites project. So I hit all my leftovers laying around my workspace and literally whipped 'em out. Absolutely nothing to write home about here, but I'm so happy I used up some schtuff! Here's a twofer.

So last but definitely not least... a winner!

There were 18 commenters on the last post of my Exploration STAMPlorations series. I of course asked the birthday boy to pick a number between 1 and 18. Need I say which number he picked?!?!  Lucky commenter #18 ...
eek. it's a tie between the sentiment builders and the celebrate vignettes!
... please contact me with your mailing address and choice of stamp set. I'm off. There are six boys ready to barbecue 12 steaks out in the backyard.

Have a great week. "Wir sind Weltmeister". ;)


  1. Party on Maria!
    YOu really know how to throw a party!
    What a fun celebration this must have been for DS!
    Love your cards and ALWAYS appreciate your creativity!

  2. Hallo Maria,
    mein Sohn würde für soooo einen Baum fast alles tuen ; )))) super coole Idee.
    GlG Elisabeth

  3. Now that's what I call a tree! Great way to celebrate DS's birthday - and being world champions!

  4. WOW! your DS's birthday but I get the gift! Happy Birthday and thanks to him for picking my comment and thanks to you for the chance!

  5. So fun, Maria ... great tree! Celebrations all round then ... DS's birthday ... World Cup ... you bought a lottery ticket?? Anita :)

  6. Fun invites! Love the tree idea! Can imagine your nerves re DS driving - my DH will start lessons soon - won't be me teaching! CONGRATS on World Cup - I thought of you!

  7. Maria I loved your post today! Congrats to you for finishing your invites. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and today's are fantastic, love the yellow! Congrats on the World Cup I can only imagine the excitement! Congrats to DS on hitting 18! Woo Hoo What a lot of fun for him and worry for mama! Legal for all things a teenage boy wants! In Canada we are 16 for for a G1 to drive with adult. No highway driving at all, but when then do their driving test and get their G2 they can go directly on the highway!!! We are 19 for drinking! You wondered why no Sam? Can you believe I do not have a dog stamp! lol

  8. My gosh you are a ball of emnergy! (Spelled wrong on porpus. Love those little red "you spelled it wrong" lines) You will sleep like log. I hope the bottles on that tree are empty. The cards are really neat Maria. You will be partying for awhile I betcha. LOL.

  9. Awesome party decorations Maria!! And love the bright fun cards!!

  10. Looks like everything fell right into place on ur son's birthday :) love the fun theme and tree. Yay! for Germany :) I enjoyed the final match and was glad it was not decided by the penalty shoot out :) Your cards are awesome, I guess I don't have to tell that always :)

  11. Belated Birthday wishes to DS... and to all of you for your 161 celebration. Love the idea of the tree, really unique.


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