Tuesday, July 2, 2013

parade of rejects: it started with a ... can

Welcome to the first in my "Parade of Rejects."  Parade - cuz it's nearly July 4th and I've got a good few entries to share with you.  And rejects - well they are.   They've been to a couple submission calls and back and they weren't selected.  The word may sound negative, but I'm not.  I'm enjoying this submission thang...

Hold on to your hats.  This can is what made me actually submit a card for the very first time.  In a roundabout way that is.

I was relaxing in the tub, staring at this wonderful can of shower gel DD had given me for Christmas, and I thought "hey, that's a cool logo."  And "hey, I could make a card based on that."  And "hey, Paper Crafts has that Inspired By page at the end of each issue."  Tja, now you know how some crazy ideas are born.

So.  How to translate it into a card?  Papertrey gingko leaves.  And Memory Box die cut letters/numbers.  I actually ordered the numbers to make this card cuz I didn't have 'em.  And no, they weren't on sale ;)  And this is what happened.

Well I certainly enjoyed the process on this.  But trust me, it's a reject.  It's been submitted a couple times - the experts say if it comes back three times, give it up.  OK.  I'm givin' up.  But I still like it.  I would love to hear your constructive criticism on my rejects - so many talented designers out there who might have a tip or two for moi.  I'm a true believer that you're never too old to learn :)

Stay tuned.  And have a good day.

Supplies hb2u vines1:
Cardstock: (solar white) Neenah 
Patterned paper: (gold CS) Folia
Other paper: (black scrap)
Clear stamps: (branch) Papertrey Ink
Pigment ink: (Vitamins) Aladine
Dies: (Parker lower case alpha Memory Box), (square Framelits) Sizzix


Tenia Nelson said...

This is SOOOO not a reject card, girl!!! This card ROCKS....for reals....

shirley-bee said...

Well, it's as good as any I've seen in magazines, and a brilliant interpretation of your inspiration. I love your optimism about rejects - I'd probably sulk for a week (or more)!

In fact, pinning and CASEing, so it's no longer a reject ;)

Robin Cooper said...

Well, I'm not a talented designer, but I like it. I don't know why it was rejected. I especially love the colors and texture on the letters. It's what makes the card for me.

Petti said...

I like it too...but arts is a bit subjective...And I'm still working on getting published so I guess I can't give any good advice.

Stamping With Bibiana said...

this is very nice...I like how to re-invented that logo...so well done! thanks for sharing!...
Remember: memory box blitz at my spanish and french blogs going now to have the chance to win a new die from the new collection!
keep in touch

alexandra s.m. said...

I still think it is a really cool card Maria!
Thank You for making me chuckle ;-)

Kelly Griglione said...

So love your commentary! And way to go for buying something that is not on sale. That's a true crafter right there!

LOVE your inspiration and the resulting card! Those ginko leaf colors together are WOW. And the impressed mat. What if you followed the packaging exactly and split up a word? I'm a big fan of that lately.

T S !

Those MB letters look like they would be the perfect scale to fit three across, but not three down. So I guess if you wanted to do that you'd probably need to use caps.

Jackie Rockwell said...

I'm just an average card designer and I don't submit to publications so I don't think my advice would be valuable. I have no idea why they would reject this card. It's beautiful! I don't buy magazines, so I'm really glad that you shared this card on your blog. I LOVE it!!! :)

Happy Dance said...

Your card is lovely. I can see where your inspiration came from...even the can is cool. In my world, it's all about the journey. Making something with my hands, and being pleased with the results are the real rewards for me. This one is a winner in my book, and if I had one (a book, that is..)I'd definitely publish this. Can't wait to see what's coming up! Bev

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Great card - I would not have rejected it! Keep it up girl! Tastes are different. As long as you like it its FINE!

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