Friday, July 5, 2013

parade of rejects: hb2u vines2

In my last post you've met the shower gel can that inspired my first card that I actually submitted to a magazine.  I mentioned that I submitted it for the Inspired By feature in Paper Crafts.  Well, while there I checked out the submission calls that were current and saw the call for Birthday Creations: Vol. 3.  And I decided to give it a go and make some more cards.

Now I've always been known as the gal who has to have a theme.  Birthday parties have a theme. Rooms in the house have a theme.  Or a feel. When I took pics in college with my sorority sisters, I was the one who made everyone lay down on the floor so our heads were in a circle and the photo shot from above.  Or I made my big and little sisters climb a tree to get a shot of our "family".   Family tree.  Get it?  Tja, not everyone loved my ideas but the photos were definitely cool!

So I figured if I was going to submit cards to a call, they were going to have to have a theme.  And the "hb2u" idea was born.

Meet hb2u vines2.

Tja.  The ink color is an amazing reddish-pinkish-orange.  No idea where the bling idea came from but  I think it works.  And I will use this card, but I must admit my generational stamping is less than perfect =  publication reject.

Just keep watching.

Supplies hb2u vine2:
Cardstock: (solar white) Neenah 
Other paper: (black scrap)
Clear stamps: (branch) Papertrey Ink
Pigment ink: (Vitamins) Aladine
Dies, embossing folders, brass templates: (Parker lower case alpha) Memory Box
Other:  square gem, adhesive 


shirley-bee said...

... but not every leaf is perfect in nature. Anyway, it adds depth to the overall image. I love the unexpected twist of blue bling.

alexandra s.m. said...

I love shirley's comment!
Your card is beautiful Maria!

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