Thursday, July 11, 2013

parade of rejects: wish you may

Ever seen a card morph?  Well, you saw this card in my previous post as it was submitted for a Christmas card call - Christmas cards using non-Christmas products.  And rejected.  Now you will see it as it was tweaked and submitted for a different call, as a birthday card this time. 

wish you... have a happy birthday

Only changed the size of the star bearing the sentiment and the sentiment itself.  PC-generated the sentiment which is a play on that old rhyme "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight".  Remember that?  When you make a wish on a star?

Well, I love this version too, but the mag didn't.  So it's being retired ;)

BTW, I'm on vacay in MI right now and having one heck of a time trying to pull photos into my blog posts from my flickr account.  Blogger will not recognize the URL of my flickr page.  So I finagled something by copying HTML code in - way too techie for me ... can you see the photo OK?

Supplies wish you may:
Paper: cardbase Bringmann, CS American Crafts, vellum
Stamps: PC generated sentiment
Ink : Adirondack, Hero Arts
Tools: die Sizzix
Other: crochet thread, sequins


shirley-bee said...

1. Love the morph.
2. Love that you see the bokeh better on the enlarged star.
3. Love the part-sentiment on the star - makes me want to open it and read the rest of the sentiment.
4. Pic has come through fine - only difference is that it's left-aligned.
5. Don't retire the card.
6. Change publisher, they have no taste. (Did I say that out loud?!!!)
7. Enjoy your hols!

Tenia Nelson said...

Gorgeous card, dearie!!! :)

Darnell said...

What Shirley-Bee said. In spades.

Geri said...

Oh, Maria...I don't have to tell you how behind I am! I'm gonna get right to it! Number 1...So sorry to hear about Teddy!!! I had a baby bunny I tried to raise once...before children...that thing was THE most adorable little creature EVER...drank from his little bottle like a baby. Had him in a cage outside on our porch and, stupid me...thought he was safe in there. NOT!!! Something got him one night and I was DEVASTATED the next AM when I realized what had happened...felt like I had left him in there for bait! Talk about grief!!! Good's just never easy, and I'm so sorry for you all that you lost your little guy! Love all your rejects! It's always interesting to see what they take and what they don't. Love the HB2U in gold in the little box...the 'happy birthday' card that had the little 'fireworks' popping out of the box...the 'wonder card'...gorgeous!!! And these pretty pastel star cards...they're just lovely and so unique! And I've had the best time catching up here! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

Wida said...


Unknown said...

I adore the soft pretty colors. Beautiful!

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