Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's a graduate

Summer slump?  How about a card from the past.  Interesting to see how one's style changes and develops over time, isn't it?

Received a graduation announcement from an old friend's daughter who I'd recently run into and decided to use the 2009 part of it to make a card.  Her photo was a bit fuzzy because I cropped it out of a family photo.

This was pre- large stash of PP.  And pre- die cutting.  And I'm not sure about the strange application of ribbon around the edges of the photo?!?!  But I like the strips of PP (some of which was gift wrap I believe - probably even used!) as a BG.  And I do like including something personal on a card when possible.

The sentiment was computer generated but I obviously already owned the flower punch - and the decorative edge scissors that I snitched from DD!

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