Tuesday, July 24, 2012

it's an alien

Filling the summer slump... a card I made last year for my BF's son.  You cannot name a piece of merchandise from Toy Story that he did not own.  Thus this card to accompany the Lego set we gave him for his bday.

Since we were hand-delivering I went with an A5 sized card.  Created my own PP using an online image of the logo.  Looking for some image that I could superimpose his face onto (with a piece of acetate over it like a real astronaut), I found a catalog offering for a clock.  OK, that led me to an idea for the computer-generated sentiment "It's time..." and on the inside

The hoops we jump through for kids today...  He was so overwhelmed by the room full of presents, I don't know if he really appreciated the card.  But his mom did :)

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