Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wo bin ich?

Followers.  People who like what you do.  And want to see more.  I get it, I really do.

But at the moment I'm up to my eyeballs in dealing with an errant teenager and trying to figure out how to be a more effective parent.  I'm actually learning new things.  Actually very interesting stuff.  But VERY energy consuming.

And technology.  Don't know if the problem is Blogger.  Or my PC.  Or the strange sites that are "hitting" my PC from somewhere in remote Russia.  But this is definitely taking the fun out of blogging.

And I guess it's also eaten my mojo.  Never really knew what that meant when people would write that their mojo had disappeared.  Now I get that too.   Got a list of cards I need to make.  With dates nearing.  But I find myself lured out into the sunshine instead of downstairs into my laundry room when I need to clear my head.

Just thought I'd tell ya'll that, in case you were NOT happy about one less message in your reader :)

Figures I could share an old project with you that I did for my parents.  After a great weekend spent with them in downtown Detroit (their old "stompin grounds) to celebrate their 60th anniversary.  Detroit Institute of Arts.  Belle Isle.  RenCen.  Hart Plaza.  City County Building.

The photo shows just the innards - the final product was an 8x10 picture frame.  Not that it was spectacular or anything, but it was so much fun to make and they really enjoy looking at it and remembering our time together.

I had sent them 20 of the best photos from the weekend, so when I punched out interesting portions of my copies of those 20 and arranged them here, they were able to recognize them.  And they had a blast doing it  ("Oh look.  Those are my feet...")  And I had a blast using my circle punch - moving it around on a photo to see what looked good... 

After that I just added some Staz-On stamping onto acetate and put it into a frame.

Bis bald...  and may the mojo return.


Jenny said...

Maria I'm I firm believer in blogging for fun not because you feel you HAVE to! Blog alot or not very much - whatever suits you at the time! :) Your pictures are fab! x

Mitralee said...

Miss Jenny above says what I popped in here to say. Anytime anything fun ceases to be fun, give it a break for a bit.

Or, if you don't mind, give us a look at Germany...I am stuck here in NY and I'd love some photos of elsewhere!

maria f. said...

Thanks Jenny - you ARE right.

maria f. said...

Thanks for the support Mitra. See what I can do about some pics...

Colleen Dietrich said...

I read what the other commenters had to say on this matter, and I TOTALLY agree with them. Blog because you want to - not because you have to.

I've been a little 'burned out' myself lately, and thanks to the Scheduling that Blogger offers, I'm able to take a bit of a reprieve while still getting my DT cards out there. It's been nice!

Take care, Maria, and don't fret. We'll see you when we see you. ;)

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