Monday, September 22, 2014

getting to know me blog hop

Hi friends! Today is your day to get to know me better! Last week my teamie from STAMPlorations, Cornelia of Stempel Spass, tagged me in her post for the "Getting to Know Me" hop. Let's hear it for tweezers - more on that later! Today it's my turn to answer some questions about me and then introduce you to a couple more designers whose work I admire. Ready? I'm long-winded today.

1. What creative projects are you currently working on?

This is funny because since I'm just gearing up again after a month vacation and then putting on a big party for our family, there's not a lot on my desk. The props for our photo shoot at our party were one of my last projects. Here's another party shot for you - the family.

My latest STAMPlorations stamps are waiting to get more loving. And I managed to produce some cards for a submission call. Can't share them, but let me just say "black/white wedding" and "critters". And my fingers are alcohol-ink-stained!

2. What inspires your designs?

This is funny too, cuz I'd sure love to know the answer. I can share a couple things I know for sure have inspired cards. First off was a set of sheets which made me pull out a bird die and some coordinating PPs to make this card. Then there was a color combo in a magazine photo which blew me away, so I had to make a card - I blogged about it here. And then there's good ol' Mother Nature. BTW, I do lots of card making in my mind's eye while out walking the dog ;) I guess this next example was actually pre-dog and more like post-garden-clean-up... Japanese cherry blossoms (I've always had a soft spot for them, especially in print form) really inspired me back here.

3. What method / process (if applicable) do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?

May I dare say "funny" again? Let's take the last part of the question first. I just cranked out 16 cards for a submission call and basically lived in my laundry/craft room all weekend to do it. You do the math.

As to my "method" - more like madness. I'd be fine if I didn't procrastinate! Here's how I roll. Submission call category is "cute critters". I think of the stamps I have. Not a lot in this category. Decide on these cuties from Mama Elephant. Problem is, they've been hung on their balloons a zillion times by cardmakers already. What to do new and different? Think about their paws. What can I put in their paws? How about a garland! And these critters are so cute, how about welcoming a baby! So I pull out my pastel PPs and get to work.

One thing I have noticed about my modus operandi is that I often start with an idea for a sentiment. It may not be a sentiment stamp (with the critters, for example, I did not use the sentiments from the set). I'll often think of a word and go from there. Or google quotes related to the word. Weird, eh? I also love using alpha dies (I like words and I like graphic cards) like here. And here it started with a bow, which morphed to bow tie, then tuxedo, then shaker and finally required a PC-generated sentiment.

4. If you had to describe your 'signature' style, what would it be?

"Funny?" Not. I do appreciate humor in cards, but my cards are not always humorous. I actually kinda hate this question. How about you tell me in one word, what you think my "signature style" is??? Leave me a comment by the end of the month and I'll have DD pick a winner of some goodies. (This is your reward for actually reading my post :)

5. What are 3 crafting products/tools you can't live without?

OK. I can answer this. First off would be my white cardstock. It's what I have to reorder most often. I currently go through lots of white and creme 300gm paper from Bringmann and I use Neenah Solar White when I need a smooth surface.

Next would be my Big Shot. I seriously used to think I didn't need one - I could cut what I needed by hand. Ha! Dies are a cardmaker's best friend. And a pocketbook's worst enemy.

And third, I have to agree with Cornelia, are my tweezers. I love using them to hold things (like a die cut with adhesive on the back) as I move them around on a card while deciding on the final placement. Mine are like these.

So, (more than) enough about me. Who do I admire in the cardmaking world?

Anita in France.
And no, not just cuz she and I are wine country dwellers! If you're not living under a rock and you play at CAS challenges, you know her work or her blog, My Papercraft World. She's a master of stripes. I love it when she uses rainbow colors. And she uses the most gorgeous white cardstock. Here - a couple of my faves of hers.

Isn't her execution perfect? And her choice of sentiments is always spot on in meaning and style to match her card. What a sweet lady she is - always making the rounds and leaving meaningful comments. She's just joined her first DT over at Time Out - monkey clapping in order!!! You can get to know more about Anita on her blog on October 6.

Then there's Kate, of the Pacific Northwest.
Of Pinned and Penned fame. This gal has a personal relationship with every card she creates. There's "blood, sweat and tears" - well, maybe not blood - involved every time. She loves and nurtures and moulds and tweaks each one until it "feels right". Love that. I've enjoyed watching her style evolve. Fantastic creations. And talk about fantastic photos! We're talkin' eye candy, folks.

And would you believe, the next card was going to be CAS. But then it morphed. (Oh how familiar that sounds!)

As for the "Penned" part of her blog name, Kate has a way with words too. And she's not afraid to use big ones ;) Oh, one more thing. Every once in a while you get some wonderfully unexpected product tips. Get to know more about Kate on her blog on September 29. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and check out her coffee clipboard card (~amy~ you lucky girl!) Plan to spend time there losing yourself in Kate's creative world.


Irish Cherokee said...

Great post. Happy to meet you Maria. I'm Jim. Oh, that's right we follow each other! LOL. It is fun getting to someone a bit better. Great photos by the way. Beautiful family. - Jim

shirley-bee said...

Can't do it in one word. Edgy. Quirky. Out-of-the-box. Innovative. Inventive. Enjoyed reading about your process and how your designs evolve.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for you kind, kind words!! Maria! You just made my whole week and then some. Lovely post about you and the wonderful Anita, and a wee bit funny, I think!! You, too, have a great way with words, always a pleasure! I hope to send off an email to you later today or this week! Work is a heavy load right now!! xo Kate

Anita in France said...

Brilliant post, Maria ... enjoyed every little last bit of getting to know you! Gorgeous family photo, brilliant card picks (must've taken ages to select just a few from your amazing gallery!), great humour ... and as Shirley already chose 'Quirky' to describe your style, I'll go for 'Unexpected'! Thanks so much for your sweet words ... will be popping in to see Kate next week! Anita :)

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

That was a fun read! Glad I tagged you, love the pics and the cards you showed!

Kim Heggins said...

It is always so much reading about what makes you make your cards. You are such a wonderful and talented crafter

Unknown said...

So fun to get to know you a bit more! I LOVE that gorgeous pic of your beautiful family!!! Such good looking kids you have there! Curious...what do they speak most, English or German?

maria f. said...


maria f. said...

Big hug :)

maria f. said...

Thanks, Anita. Can't wait to read your GTKM post!

sandie said...

Loved reading this Maria and that photo is so full of joy and wow what a gorgeous looking Family you have! I will have to go with Eclectric CAS x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family and thanks for sharing more about you!

Susanne Vargas said...

That was a fun post! Thank you also for sharing that great family photo! As for your style - I don't like that question either. Why limit yourself to one style? But Shirley and Anita have found very good words to describe you!

alexandra s.m. said...

OMG Maria, I thought for sure this picture of you and the gang was an ad!
What a gorgeous Gorgeous Bunch!!
Great post!

yyam said...

Lovely family photo!
And love your sense of humour.
I would say your style is Unexpected.:)

Deepti said...

So good to know you better and ur family pic is awesome :)

cm said...

Your behind-the-scenes Maria post was pure delight, with such wonderfully selected details shared in words, links and photos (what a gorgeous family, by the way). You have an amazing flair for writing; engaging and witty. Entertainment to the max! As for your card-making style - I agree with all the others, and my added two bits' worth: eclectic cas!

Cris G. said...

You were framed... literally! :). Pleased to meet you and your beautiful and happy family! You are very creative, even when taking pictures.

My Paper Epiphany said...

Hiya Maria! I thought I'd return the visit and found this fun post! LOVE the family pic! Always good to learn more about you and I can totally relate to the procrastination! Would you believe I google words for quotes too! As for your style - it might not be funny, but it very happy, original and edgy - so very YOU!

Darnell said...

I just saw Anita's hop post (excellent) and am working my way backwards to your's because life has been a big suck for weeks and I'm hopelessly behind with my visiting. I was totally engaged and amused by your interview! And thank you for sharing the cleverly posed handsome family portrait!! (Where was the pooch??) As for your style, that's easy: "Maria." Hugs, Darnell

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