Thursday, January 16, 2014

just. do. it.

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So, was Jessica over at Design Seeds talking to me or what?

You may recall my last post of 2013 and "Dream it. Do it."  Yep, I'm real good at lying awake all night with a gazillion ideas running through my head.  Not just card designs ;))) So many things I need to/could do. But how to get over the "innere Schweinehund" (literally, the pig inside us?!?!)...

So maybe the folks at Nike were right.  Just do it.


  1. Words to live by. I just never knew it was a pig stopping me all this time...

  2. Where's the "Like" button?!?!?!? :-)

  3. That's what my mom told me. "Jump in with both feet; you'll never know just how well you'll do until you try." Smart woman, my mom. As often as I visit your blog, I am in constant pigs here! Your work is always a delight. Oh!, start with a bokeh...your bokeh cards rock! Bev

  4. Good thoughts on this one. I'm great at thinking up designs when I'm trying to fall asleep. Then when I get ready to actually make a card, my design is pretty dull! Same ole same ole. Yes, I have a lot of sketches in computer files, but do I pull them as I'm making the card???Not usually. TFS


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