Sunday, May 21, 2017

creating along with papertrey

Happened to stumble across the recent release posts from Papertrey. Yikes have things changed around there. So many new faces. Congrats girls!

I saw this card of Nichole's  and decided to make a card for Create along with Us in May using the simple idea of die cutting a cover plate design and Copic coloring a few pieces.

Here's my version. Of course with a bit of a twist. And simple it wasn't when you decide to play around with those teensy pieces... but I like the result.

Had a little glue mishap when adhering the die cut panel to the cardbase. So a vellum butterfly had to join the bunch to cover up my boo boo.

Made another, easier version and I'll share that with you later this week. Happy Sunday!


  1. The vellum butterfly work perfectly here, great way to recover from a oops!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE interpretation of Nichol's card! You did a SUPER JOB!!! ;)

  3. Very creative and beautiful, Maria. That is you ... always trying something different. LOVE the colours and the design. The vellum butterfly looks like it belongs ... isn't it great when you can find something this beautiful to cover a boo-boo. :) Hope you are doing well. xx

  4. Butterfly to the rescue! Looks as if it was meant to be there.

  5. This is gorgeous! Love the warm colors and that vellum butterfly adds the perfect touch: I think that mishap was meant to be!

  6. What a beautiful card. Tricky it might have been but the Eilat she were worth it. I love the colours and if you hadn't said, I'd have thought that vellum butterfly was there deliberately - it feels like it should be, glue mishap or not! Xx


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