Monday, June 22, 2015

collaging Ellie

There is still time to play in the Mixed Media Card Challenge #12!!!

Thinking of the collages I'd made during my school days when I saw this challenge theme, I was flabbergasted when I saw how today's technology has reinvented the world of collage. If you've a spare minute, take a gander at the images which come up when you google "collage".

I couldn't resist trying out this concept in the world of paper. (And I needed a birthday card for DD!) Haven't seen our pooch for awhile? Here she is...

In a nutshell... edited a photo using an "engraving" option, printed it on white, green, yellow and orange, then cut out some sections from those and added some sections of PP too.

LOTS of room for improvement here, but a couple ideas if you feel like giving this a try. Use the printed images for the main features (eyes, nose, mouth). Use printouts as a guide for cutting shapes from PP. Use black marker to add/extend main features.

I'm calling this mixed media, although technically, it ain't. But I've got a technique. And there's lots of texture! We'd love to see your collages (with the optional element of "frame") over at the MMCC. The gallery is open until the 25th.

And here's Miss Ellie, for reals. Needing a haircut.


  1. What a unique idea ..Your collage card is just fantastic ..Totally love it !!

  2. Very different..I am yet to get collage n MM on card properly..Loved your take on it :)

  3. LOVE this!! Your dog is SUPER CUTE too!! :)

  4. You need to frame this, it's fabulous!

  5. I gasped when I first saw this! LOVE,love. love it!!!

  6. OMG, reminds me of pop art! It had to be you doing something like this... that's why I love your work!!! Fabulous card and so creative, LOVE!

  7. So fun and cool,Maria ... what an amazing collage ... and a cute pooch! Anita :)

  8. coole Karte, Super und süß!! :-)


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