Saturday, November 15, 2014

ho! ho! what?

Happy Saturday. I've got a oh-so-easy and oh-so-graphic card for your today. Inspired by all the gold going around in blogland.

Screams Santa Claus to me somehow. Maybe cuz it reminds me of one-piece footie PJs I had when I was 18. Anyone else have those? All you need is striped PP, some die cut "h" "o" and "i"  or you could use alpha stickers.

I'm going places with this card:

Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking November Gallery - Gold
Inkspirational #69 where the cue word is Shine
and at the risk of wearing out my welcome, Virginia's View #9 Metallic Challenge

WARNING: brain dump ahead. Feel free to leave now.

So have you heard? Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking is closing its doors. Guess digital mags are not the way of the future. Feb 2015 is the last issue. Really kills me for the talented and competent staff in Utah with whom I've had the pleasure of working the past couple years. Adios jobs. And I must admit it kinda feels that way for me too.

Which brings me to my next observation which is that that's kinda crazy. I was pretty wrapped up in "submission calls".  Thinking about card designs when I should have been sleeping. Refraining from making social plans on the weekend before submissions were due cuz I'm the world's best procrastinator and knew I'd be in the basement creating. 

(One good thing about getting older is that you also get smarter. I know why I was so crazy about it. Sure, the money was nice but it was all about the recognition. I'm a SAHM. You don't get much recognition for vacuuming.)

So there I sat Friday a.m. head in a fog after Thursday's email from PCS informing me that my projects awaiting publication in UT are in the mail on their way back to me. Finito. And of course the whirlwind of FB activity as other designers got their emails too.

Woe is me. What to do with myself now?

And the first post I see in my reader is that Barbara Gray is going to see Spain Jane. "Huh?" you wonder. I wondered the same. This is what I read. Clueless, I click through to Jane and the tab entitled "reflections on the little c" catches my eye first. This is what I read. Noticing the "2006" at the end of the page, I click on "home". This is what I read. And then I sobbed.

OMG. I am so vain.

Flashback to the whirlwind of FB activity... lotsa comments about God closing one door and opening another. Well God opened my door and smacked me right in the face. How lucky I am that I can get older.

And smarter. I went to watch DD ride her horse today. And will watch The Voice with her now. And that's good. Monday would have been a submission deadline. I'm kinda glad it won't.


  1. I LOVE your card Maria and I agree about getting recognised... also being a SAHM... even worse now I am only a SAH ... can't add the M because our 2 kids are studying abroad ! But yes perhaps a good thing to put everything into perspective!

  2. The card is a stunner, Maria, as all of your amazing work. But what really pulled at my strings (is that how you say it?) are your words. Time to sit, and think deeply. I'm guilty of the weekend blocking too. Of buying the latest and greatest just because it increases the chances, not because I truly adored it. Of making a good card and saving it for publication just in case it may fit in a future submission call. Ah, the validation... I still feel a bit "orphan" today, and again my heart aches for all the dear friends that are loosing their jobs. But your words made me see everything in another perspective. Thank you, my friend.

    1. And thank you, my friend. You must come back tomorrow, too, OK?

  3. maria, what a lovely post. Your card is what drew me here and I chuckled when initially reading your post because I had those same jammies!

    Putting things into perspective is always good, eh?

  4. Love that card. Beautifully CAS and totally Christmassy!

    I was sad to get the news about PCM. It is the leader in cards/scrapping. My first thought was "oh the jobs lost!!" Families set adrift, fear for them, the very real possibility of children in peril....but then I remembered the plans God has for us; he's promised to prosper us, not harm us. And that keeps things "right." I read the links on your blog about Jane. Having watched my first husband fight and lose his battle with lymphoma, I learned that you tell the people you love, that you love them. I learned that God takes care of EVERYTHING. I learned that hard times are a part of life, and if you put your trust in God, we can get through them. I learned what is most important in life: I put God first in my life, family second, and everything else comes after that. Yes, I'm sad that the magazine is folding. Yes, I am concerned (but no longer fearful) for those losing their jobs. But I know that he will care for them.
    It will be sad not to see all those wonderful cards and creations all in one place. But I'm thankful though, that I've found your blog (and others blogs too) and can still see the projects. Maybe it's a sign that others of us need to "do" something. Don't ask me what yet, the ideas are still simmering. Ahhh...I've blathered on long enough. I'll stop the philosophy and say that I'll miss the mag, pray for the families, and look back and forward on the good that has come out of this. You're the bomb my friend. Bev

  5. Seriously, this is AWESOME!!! And oh yes, those PJ's were something else! I had many pairs, though I was much younger than 18 (which makes me feel really old now). ;)

    It is sad about PC&S and still somewhat hard to believe...though, we must carry on, yeah?...

  6. That was a bit of a ride, wasn't it, Marie? Your card, first of all, is now my favorite cc of 2014! It's the FUNNEST ever!!

    Thank you for the share. The lesson of life prioritizing and the story of Jane is worth repeating on a daily basis. The standard "life is too short," "live every day like it's your last," "every moment is precious," "don't sweat the small schtuff," has a nasty habit of not sticking to the forefront of our minds and it's too easily forgotten as we get caught up in, well, everything. Fortunately, these pearls DO finally settle in when you reach your sixth decade, but it is too, too bad that wisdom is wasted on the eldest peeps! I'm glad you'll be an exception! And even if you never have another publication, you'll always be a my card idol to me!! Enjoy your new-found unscheduled time!! Mwah! Darnell

  7. Maria this card really caught my eye. I adore this graphic look. Amd great to see you at Ink. You words are very moving today and helps put things in perspective and I sure hope you now enjoy the extra time!

  8. Hi Maria--thanks for sharing this post and perspective. Echoing others in comments here! Your card is fab as is the GRATEFUL one in the next post-- that one is really phenomenal!! I got it and I love it! And not everything that is published is phenomenal in the least-- I've often thought some pieces were chosen because they would be crowd pleasers, inspiring in their ease of recreation rather over anything else. Honestly, who knows why or how anything ever gets selected for publication or admission (spending a lot of time right now helping seniors think about and execute their college essays) is in the eye of the beholder. Need to get an email off to you soon! Need your address! xo

  9. I totally love this card! It's simple but so effective! Sure to put a smile on the face of whoever gets it. I too was saddened by the email that came about the demise of PC&S. It's perfectly natural to be disappointed that the projects we worked so hard on are not to be published now. Your link to Janes Journey does put things in perspective though, doesn't it? I'll still miss PC&S but I won't stop creating and maybe I'll try getting published elsewhere eventually. In the mean time I'll be inspired by all the wonderfully creative people out here in blogville (like you!). :-).

    Oh, and Thanks for playing along with us over at Inkspirational! :-)

  10. What a great post, Maria; so glad I stopped here today.......your thoughts really made me stop and think about what is truly important in this life. Thank you.

  11. LOVE your card, Maria ... gorgeous striped goodness!

    Thanks for sharing Jane's Journey ... what a woman, such a battler, so clear and honest ... the kind of woman it seems we'd like to know. Yes, her story puts everything into perspective ... and reminds us of the truly important things we sometimes forget in the melée of life. If her Journey helps us to focus even a little more on those important things, then Jane has given us all a rare gift. Anita :)

  12. Fab card, Maria, love the stripes with the gold lettering. Went off to read Barbara's and Jane's blogs. It's a stark reminder of what is important in life, and how precious it is.

  13. This is beautiful! I love the gold letters on the bold striped background!!

  14. Maria...I love your card, so fun and so festive. Your Ho Ho Ho's are just perfect. After reading on and reading Jane's post, it really does put life and stuff into perspective and like Darnell said, don't sweat the small stuff, so so very true. I have met some of the most loving and caring ladies in blogland and feel so blessed that our craft has brought so many of us together. Thank you so much for sharing today.

  15. Your card totally caught my eye, I just love, white and gold, its awesome!! I've read about the magazine closing but never thought about it from a submissions point of view. How disappointing to have all that hard work and excitement of being published, be posted back to you. I would be gutted. I also read the blog you mentioned 'Jane's Journey'. She is going through so much and yet is able to laugh and share her experience with the world. Putting life in perspective certainly always kicks me back into life. Maybe not having to worry about submissions will give you time to do something you've always put off. I hope you feel better after sharing your thoughts today!

  16. Hi, Maria! WOW...what a STRIKING card this is! I love the bold stripes and the gold sentiment! Everything about it just caught my eye.

    (My computer has crashed, again! I have access to my dear husband's computer for a short while, tonight. So thought I'd come by to visit your blog.}

    Enjoyed reading your post...and "Bev's" comment above...was beautifully stated.

    You are always SO inspiring & entertaining.
    Sending HUGS across the miles!

  17. This is totally amazing, jaw dropping gorgeous, fabulous and so simple! My kind of favorite card.
    Thank you for playing with us at INKspirational Challenges for our "Shine" challenge.
    Pia xx

  18. Can your gold look any It is such a catching and gorgeous design, Maria! You often come up with designs that make people REMEMBER (even if we are not trying to). So that says something, nicht wahr? Und nein, this is no dumb post. Like you, I went through re-planning and staying up LATE to write the supplies and instructions for the last Stamp and Ink call. Of course, I am super disappointed about that, but I am even more sad about the closure of our favorite paper crafting magazine and the loss of their jobs...! Ach so,.....das ist Leben! HUGS! So glad that you join the fun over Virginia’s View “All About Metallic” Challenge! BTW what do we do with problems/beautiful cards not being published like Maria's...? Enter challenges (like V. V. Challenge!!) and keep creating!

  19. Maria, your card triggers memories not of me having striped pjs, but rather, those of my brother's when he was the same age as my nephew is now: 2. As his 14 years' older sister, I realize, every day, how fortunate my sister (two years younger than I am) and my parents are that they decided to have this 'late arrival'. He is a blessing in our lives, especially in discovering and marrying my sister-in-law and bringing my niece and nephew into our worlds. As you can predict: I LOVE your card not only because it's charming, but for its essence! As for your new-found perspective' - I lack the eloquence of the others in conveying how deeply touched I am by Jane's Journey (such strength), and saddened by the imminent closing of PC&S, along with the myriad losses that accompany that decision. For a few moments, I too, sobbed, and spent some time, still feeling teary, wondering if I am, perhaps, "wasting life' in making cards as often as, and for as long as, I do. I've arrived at the conclusion: no siree! It's through this 'passion' that I'm expressing and expanding my creativity (always a positive), finding moments of 'blossoming', continually learning and exploring. The highlights of this: creating something I can be proud of that, hopefully, will bring joy, however fleeting, to someone's day, and especially, discovering this welcoming, inviting, warm community. PC&S may go, but this community will continue to thrive, because of people like you, and others, who find time and energy to create friendly places where we can come together to play and to share our art. I am thrilled to have *you* in my life, and it is enriched, as a result. Yes, I'll find time to do other things, but during these cool, dark winter months, particularly when my husband is working long hours, I'm going to indulge in makes me feel 'connected'. Thank you for the memory spark, the tears (cleansing in many ways), the new perspective and the validation...

  20. Popping back to congratulate you, Maria, for the well-deserved wins at Virginia's! Hugs, Darnell

  21. CONGRATS on Top 10 over at Virginia's

  22. Ho, ho indeed! Super fun and trendy! Congrats on top 10 and you won a prize - yay!


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